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The main goal with any website is to be ranked number one for obvious reasons. Search engines are a powerful tool and are the most efficient and most important way that consumers find information online. The majority of people when searching are going to start at the top of the list and scroll down until they find what they are after. Less experienced internet users will trust the search engine completely with its suggestion and will only ever go to a handful of sites to get the information or service they desire, so being at the top is key.

With anything you have to start somewhere, so firstly let’s start with the value of ranking. Ranking is a key element to any SEO strategy and cannot be understated. Especially on dominant search engines with billions of searches every day. Therefore knowing where your site ranks on the biggest search engines in cyberspace is essential when researching your current standing and developing a strong strategy for the future.

Research shows that  40% likely to click on your site if you are ranked number one by Google, 30% more likely to click if you are ranked second and 24% more likely if you are third. It is very
easy for more experienced surfers to type in keywords or a business name and see the results that come back, however If you aren’t ranking at the top or even on the first page of results then you are going to miss out on traffic, site hits and most importantly potential business.

With this being said it is imperative to devise a plan of action to increase your ranking. The goal should be to get your business to the top of the first page and for it to stay there without your competition having a chance of budging you off the coveted top spot.

What can you do?

Firstly it is crucial to understand where you and your keywords currently rank and there are a variety of ways to help you do that. One of the most impressive tools I have found has been developed by SEMRush. Found at https://www.semrush.com/

This device is very straightforward to use with fantastic results. Simply enter the URL of the site you want to see keyword rankings for, then select the desired country and before you know it a plethora of pages are at your disposal with fascinating key information like where the current keywords are ranking which you can then work out which keywords need the most attention to get them ranking higher. Other useful statistics from the tool is the traffic percentage and level of competition with the keywords. This gives a tremendous understanding and an important knowledge base of how you rank on search engines as nearly every website receives the vast majority of its daily visitors from behemoths like Google and Yahoo.

The tool developed by SEMRush is one of many mechanisms on the web designed to help websites such as yourself recognise the importance of keyword ranking and how significant it is to be constantly looking to improve your position. Knowing your websites ranking position is just as important as the content on your page because if potential customers can’t find you then the information on your site or the great service you offer, is unattainable and effectively worthless.

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The main goal with any website is to be ranked number one for obvious reasons. Search engines are a powerful tool and are the most

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