Top 7 tips and tricks that every one of you must know about Hosting and Domains

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Top 7 tips and tricks that every one of you must know about Hosting and Domains

A strong domain name is key to any website, a solid foundation defining to the observer what your website may be about or offering before they have even visited your site! Be it a business website, an online application website or even a casual blog, the domain name is very important.

A good example of a well though yet simple domain name is Google! This is derived from the word googol which is a mathematical term used to describe 1 followed by 100 zeros.

As the amount of websites online increases daily, it can often be hard to get the exact domain name that you are looking for! However I found the following article very helpful when considering a domain name and by taking into account the 7 tips listed, a strong, unique domain can be formed.


Do not be someone who is ready to accept the useless suggestions given by domain registration sites. Most of the domain names recommended by the domain registration and hosting sites will not give you what you wanted and always will miss an important ingredient in the domain name-the core idea behind the name.


When someone asks the reason behind your domain names, you should be in a position to explain them in detail.  However, you need not have to dig very deep while trying to have a domain name, just play with the most common words you know, your favorite things, leaders you like, activities you do and things similarly; have all the words written on a board or on a notepad. Combine the words, split them or do whatever you want and when your instinct says that “hey, this is the one!”, register that name without a second thought. This technique can be adopted for business websites and any website which is quiet unique from others.


If you are planning to have a website with a motive to earn money, it is better for you to have a domain name that contains the important keywords in it. Use keyword search tools such as google keyword search tool and other keyword tools, know the number of local and global search that particular word gets and come up with a domain name that contains  the keyword preferably as the prefix of the domain name or as suffix.


If you trying to earn money by just registering domain names and owning them for a certain amount of time, it is good for you to have a provider that helps you get unlimited domain names for a reasonable price, or you can buy domains each time at places like godaddy where domain names can bought for rates as low as $1.99 an year. You should also be aware of websites such as snapnames where you can sell your domains for a decent profit.


Try to have your domain names as short as possible. People hate to remember long domain names and there are even some sections of them who hate to visit a website that has a long domain name. Make sure that your domain name is under 15 characters, avoid hyphen’s, conjunction words  and words like” The” at the beginning of the domain name.  Read the domain name you have chosen loud for few times and check whether it sounds cool; if it is, don’t hesitate to buy it.


You can come across lot of websites asking you to buy domain names that are so good with extensions like “.info “ “.me” “.tv” “.asia” etc. You, as a beginner may think that these extensions play no role in deciding the name of your domain, which is totally false. A domain name with an extension “.uk” indicates that the website related to the domain is associated to or managed by people from the UK. If you are planning to have a website which is global, it is always good for you to go with a “.com” extension than anything else. However, if you have an organization and would like to have a website for it, you can go with extensions like “ .org” if the particular domain name you are looking for is unavailable with a “.com” extension.


It is always a good practice to go with the best and known domain seller instead of going with an unknown seller who offers no support to save few bucks. Make sure that your domain seller has a proper support platform through which you can contact them 24/7. The reason is, if you register your domain name for an year and forget about the date of registration, there is huge possibility of your domain name bought by someone else without your knowledge after your registration expires. With a 24/7 support, you can contact them at any time you need and can make sure that everything is intact.

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